Hiring part-time maids in Dubai

For all those residents unable or even reluctant to sponsor a full time maid in the UAE, the choice of getting part time helpers from several maid companies in the nation was a fair body.

Nevertheless, hiring part time maids is right now turning into an unnerving job for a lot of residents because so many companies have created a stipulation of minimum 4 hours each day, which makes it somewhat costly for a few.

While several maids agency claim to give part time cleaning products at prices that are affordable, they’re hesitant to compromise on specific ground rules.

Though the services are charged per hour, they provide the professional services just for no less than 4 hours.

I have experimented with employing a maid for only an hour, but cannot see any. Every company I have called insists which I need to employ for no less than 4 hours, says Sreelatha, a resident of Al Qusais in Dubai.

I are now living in a two bedroom apartment, without any balcony. While I do require assistance, I do not have it thoroughly, along with a complete cleaning of the home of mine may be performed in a maximum of 2 hours. Precisely why must I purchase an additional two hours?

Sreelatha also attempted to bargain for a monthly offer, but perhaps that did not work out. They say that they are able to get me money off on the hourly price in case I choose the monthly package of theirs, but cannot lessen the minimum amount of time, she included.

Maid agencies charge anywhere between Dh50 and Dh35 per hour, based on location as well as the accommodation type.

Thus, for Dh35, an one time service is going to cost residents Dh140.

Rashmi, a Bur Dubai resident, said they’ve no choice but to sign in.

It is a monopoly. We’re at the mercy of theirs. And also we’ve to endure the circumstances they place down.

When this reporter known as numerous companies in Dubai, posing as a potential customer, to cross check this particular case she also landed similar solution.

We cannot send everyone for an hour, informed a receptionist at a nearby company. Our minimum is for 4 hours.

While many companies charge added for Dubai Maid Service equipment, others just wear what’s offered at the resident’s home.

There are, nonetheless, exclusions to the principle.

Though you may not locate them online, I already know of an agency that provide assistance per hour, informed Lakshmi, who resides in Silicon Oasis.

They’re authorized and very effective. Nevertheless, in case they’ve to head outdoors the Silicon Oasis region, they place the minimum three hour clause.

With local authorities warning residents to not employ workers that are illegal as part time cleaners, residents are striving to uncover cleansers which are inexpensive as well as match in the weekly schedule of theirs.

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