IKEA Sommaraster

IKEA Sommaraster

The playful array of flowers brings a burst of summer into the space. In case you love the appearance, you are able to build a floral garden inside since SOMMARASTER series likewise contains a quilt cover plus metre cloth Could be worn as a comfy neckroll to help the neck of yours or maybe a lumbar pillow on your lower back.

The polyester filling can hold its design and also provides the body of yours gentle support.
Delicate filling of recycled Fabric and pet plastic bottles woven from sustainably grown cotton with a style included consuming much less water than standard techniques. Great for tired little heads – and the environment of ours
As the slim lines come closer together towards the center, the azure colour gets to be more rigorous. This eye catching effect is woven into cloth of unbleached, undyed fabric from sustainably sourced cotton KRATTEN cushion cover spreads happiness with its brilliant style inspired by Scandinavian folk art. An excellent accessory for your bed or sofa and simple to coordinate with various other textiles for added cosiness The cushion is great for exhausted little heads and very soft against your child’s cheek.

The zippers on our children’s items lack pull tabs. This permits them to be much safer for children that are very small, but as quick to open for slightly older kids.

With additional ornamental soft cushions on the bed, couch or even in a cosy space, the child’s room seems more cosy.

Also looks great as a decorative pillow with any other soft cushions within the exact same collection.

The polyester filling keeps its design and offers gentle support for worn out, little heads.

Tested and also has absolutely no things, phthalates or maybe chemical substances which can damage your child’s overall health or skin.

Very easy to clean; machine wash, hot (40°C).Shrinkage maximum four %.

Machine wash, max 60°C, process that is regular.

Flip the lid inside out and zip in place before wash.

Don’t bleach.

Don’t tumble dry.

Iron, max 150°C.

Don’t dryclean.

Inner cushion Machine wash, max 40°C, gentle process.

Don’t bleach.

Tumble drying, heat that is low (max 60°C).

Don’t iron.

Don’t dryclean.
To reduce our environmental impact this particular item is provided with no packaging.

The plastic in this particular item features recycled PET bottles, thus reducing intake of fresh raw materials as well as decreasing the footprint on the planet.

IKEA has banned the application of chlorine bleaching representatives within the generation of textiles plus paper products as a result of the detrimental effect on the planet.

IKEA has stringent demands for the application of phthalates in just about all the products of ours, and also we’ve completely restricted them in children’s and also food contact products.

Since 1996 IKEA has banned dangerous dyestuffs, e.g. azo dyes, in textile ikea Abu Dhabi

& leather based production.


hundred % polyester (Hundred % recycled)

Internal fabric:

100 % polypropylene

Pillow cover:

100 % cotton

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