Alfalah Exchange Company
  • Foreign Currency Cash
    1. Currency once sold or bought could be returned only at prevailing rate.
    2. Please count your cash before leaving the counter. No responsibility will be taken afterwards.
    3. Errors and Omissions exempted.
  • Telegraphic/Mail Transfers
    1. Telegraphic transfers will be considered as executed unless any claim contrary to this, could receive from the remitter within 3 months for T.T. cash collection and 6 months for bank-to-bank T.T. from the date of remittance.
    2. Refund against cancellation of Cash or Telegraphics Transfers, missing Demand Drafts or any payment orders returned unpaid for whatsoever reason will be only made at the prevailing currency market rate, after our receipt of an advice confirming non-payment of the original payment instruction from our correspondent. The net amount only will be refunded after the necessary deduction of all expenses.
    3. The company will not be responsible for any delay, mistake or omission caused in transmission and our liability is limited for amendment at shortest possible time on notice
    4. In case if the Transfer is not executed for any reason, please give the Company 48 hours to find out the reason for the delay.
    5. The company will not be responsible for any delay or fund blockage from any International / National AML / KYC regulatory authorities. However, the necessary details for reasons can be provided upon request in such cases.